Return from China / 23 May 2008 11:34:34 / Posted by: Laura

Back to Leeds after 21 days in the mountain village of Nanling China for the Happy Stacking project (there is a dedicated blog). Leeds looks pretty grubby on our first outing back - to the chinese supermarket. We bought a rice cooker back which is solving our lunch problem of too expensive, not nice sandwiches, or cheap food with no nutrition. How did things get like this? Nanling was amazing, fresh veggies, fish, rice and noodles everyday for 7 for about £5. We are sad to be back.

Leaving the village we spent 1 night in Gwangzhou to meet the British Council and Mr Chen, the project client. It is an enormous city of 11 million people. The taxi ride to the smart Garden Hotel took 40 minutes cross town passing never-ending apartment blocks. Mr Chen treated us to breakfast here where we ate Dim Sum in a private pagoda drinking Green Tea from his home town. Delicious, and an excercise in patience as tea is served in a large wine glasses and you have to wait for the leaves to sink to the bottom before drinking.

The journey to Hong Kong airport from Gwangzhou gave me the brief insight I'd been searching for into China's economic boom as manufacturer to the world. Factories and workers apartment blocks lined the road side for about 3-4 hours. I've never seen anything like it before and the scale is hard to take in, fringed with banana plantations and the odd paddy field in between. Farewell to our friends in China. 

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