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Expo pavilions from the introduction movie

Society pavilion

Economy pavilion

Screen grab from showing pop-up artwork detail with road trip source in the Economy pavilion

Geography pavilion

Detail of Geography pavilion

International pavilion

Detail of International pavilion

Culture pavilion

Road trip blog entries

Camper van



The Wonderful North

Bryan and Laura Davies travelled around the north of England in a motor home during January 2008 to research an online expo about public art, architecture, and current lifestyle in the north today. They kept a blog of their experiences and received suggestions from the public, which contributed to the artwork that takes the form of a world fair - with pavilions, celebration architecture and exhibition display. The online presentation brings together 100 models exhibits with documentary material in five themed pavilions.

25 videos from the road trip on Vimeo

The Wonderful North is a public art commission by Bryan and Laura Davies with Numiko for the Northern Way and Arts Council England.